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Recent works

2019        Rituals (Original Old School Rock and Soul Music)

2018        The Wishing Door (Futurist Rock Thriller for Voices & Mixed Media)

                 Work in Progress

2017        For Crying Out Loud (Musical Theatre for Voices & Ensemble)

2014       Ranyono Langkah - Uneven Steps (Music for 2 Sarons)

                Premiered by Kyai Jati Roso, JIPA (Jogja International Performing Arts Fest.

                Jogyakarta, Indonesia: 29-10-14 [Dur: 5:00]


2013       Sentuh Suara - Touch Sound (Music for Javanese Gamelan Orchestra)

                Premiered by Kyai Jati Roso, NCH, Dublin: 24-04-13 [Dur: 6:00]


2012       Nothing Something (Music for Spatialized Voices & Mixed-Octet)

                Libretto drawn from Nothing, a lecture by John Cage

                2 s, 2 t, 1 fl, 1 Bb cl, pno, gtr, vlc, cb, 2 per [Dur: 10:00]


2010        Helicotrema (Music in Three Movements for Spatialized Mixed-Octet)

                Quartet 1: Bb cl, vla, vcl, pno, Quartet 2: fl, eh, vlc, mba [Dur: 20:00]


                Hesychia (Music for 3 Mixed-Trios in a Networked Performance)

                Trio 1: tp, asx, pno Trio 2: tp, tsx, pno Trio 3: asx, tsx, pno [Dur: 5:00]


2009       Sinsearach Cainteoir (Music for Spatialized Voices & Large Ensemble)

                Irish & Scots Gaelic libretto drawn from Sean Nós song tradition

                2 s, 4 a, 2 t, 2 fl, 2 Bb cl, u pipe, hp, 2 vla, 2 vlc, 2 eb, 2 per [Dur: 28:00]


2008       Shanahan (Ambient Soundscape)

                For The Reluctant Shaman, a SARC multimedia performance

                Premiered during ICMC (International Computer Music Conference) 

                Sonic Lab, Queen's University Belfast: 24-08-08 [Dur: 20:00]


                Authorization Codes (Music for Spatialized Orchestra)

                A reading by the Ulster Orchestra, Whitla Hall, Belfast: 13-06-08 [Dur: 12:00]


2007        Helicotrema: Scala Vestibuli (Music for Mixed-Quartet)\

                Premiered by Ensemble MD7, Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin: 18-05-08 [Dur: 12:00]


                Sphèrós (Music for Spatialized Choir & Ambient Soundtrack)

                Premiered by Ulster Youth Choir, Clonard Monastery, Belfast: 02-09-07 [Dur: 10:00]


2006        The Last Days of Socrates (Music for Voices & Chamber Ensemble)

                4 s, 4 a, 2 t, 2 bs, 2 fl, 2 afl, 2 cl, 2 bcl, hp, cel, 2 vib, 2 vlc, 2 cb, 2 per

                Classical Greek libretto drawn from Plato's Phaedo & Symposium [Dur: 13:00]

2005        12 (Music for String Quartet)

                A reading by The Vanbrugh String Quartet, Sonic Lab, Belfast: 23-05-07 [Dur: 18:00]

2004        The Gateless Gate (Acousmatic Soundtrack for Solo Voice & Effects)

                Revised with a new score and performed by the composer

                Project Arts Centre, Dublin: 07-10-04 [Dur: 8:00]

                 10 (Music for String Quartet)

                 Premiered by Students of Royal Irish Academy of Music

                 The Printing House, Dublin: 26-04-05 [Dur: 10:00]

Notable past works

2003        New World Dream (Music for Female Voices & Chamber Ensemble) 

                 Premiered by Tim Brady & Brady Works 

                 Oscar Peterson Concert Hall, Montreal, Québec: 26-05-03 [Dur: 8 minutes]


                Butterfly Kiss (Acousmatic Sountrack for Solo Dancer) 

                Premiered by Christiane Bellevue, Performing Arts Centre LaSalle, Québec:17-08-03  

                [Dur: 5 minutes]


2002        Passengers (Music for Tenor Voice and String Quartet) 

                 A reading by Bozinni String Quartet, Concordia University, Montreal: 12-10-02 

                 [Dur: 5 minutes]


                 Parliament of the Birds (Music for Brass Quintet & Rhythm Section) 

                 Performed by students of the Concordia Music Department Montreal: 06-05-02 

                 [Dur: 6 minutes]

2001        Strange Awakening (Music for Tenor Voice & Big Band) 

                 Performed by The NDG Modern Orchestra

                 Concordia University Students Centre, Montreal: 14-12-01 [Dur 5 minutes]


2000        The Mariana Trench (CD of funk/soul fusion) 

                 Written & produced at York Studios, Toronto 

                 With a generous grant from the Ontario Art Council


1999        Ford Thunderbird (CD of urban folk) 

                 Written & produced at the Mathew's Estate, Perth


1998        King Maker (CD of epic hard rock) 

                 Selected tracks composed in collaboration with Mladen Rhodes

                 Released by B.M.G. Music Asia


1997        Furnace Dancing – Purse (CD of post-modern dance) 

                 Selected tracks recorded in collaboration with J. Walters & G. Kirkland

                 Windmill Studios, Toronto, Released by Purse Music


1996        Kodak505TMY11–TRUST (CD o fprotean rock) 

                 Written & produced in collaboration with Philip Emond

                 Old School Studios, Toronto, Released by Violet Underground


1995        The Real Uncut Spiritual Transit – T R U S T 

                 Written & produced in collaboration with Philip Emond

                 Orbit Studios, Mississauga, Released by Violet Underground


1994        Its Real – Split MF (12 inch alternative single) 

                 Written & produced in collaboration with Paul Raven

                 Wellesley Studios, Toronto, Released in the U.S. by TON Records


1993        Nazca Runway – Twilight Rituals (CD of rock fusion) 

                 Written & produced by Twilight Rituals and Jeff MacColough 

                 Wellesley Studios, Toronto, Released by EMI Music

1992       Hurricane Hues – Twilight Rituals 

                Written & produced by Twilight Rituals

                Windham & Studio 306, Released independently

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